Aster-Aster (by Drunks Funks)

(by gordon gekkoh)

Seattle Streets (by Pixelina Photography)

Seen making his famous “Mad seen” one man whole-car on the New York subway! @instaseen #graffiti #spraydaily #NYC (på/i

Mosa (by lepublicnme)

pispala 18-19 (by Pauli1 Lindfors1)

(by HalloName)

(by HalloName)

“The New York pioneers from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s is of course a huge influence, and New York graffiti bombers like Skuf1 YKK, R.I.S crew or IRAK for example. I Really love the European scene, from the North European handstyles, passin by some Parisian bombers. I must say though, that most of my influence comes from my crew and the friends that I usually paint with.”

Mini interview and 36 more photos available at

by Mosa (by lepublicnme)

(by _unfun)

(by gordon gekkoh)

JEANS ONE (by Doomsday1973)

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